Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Also Known As by Robin Benway

Also Known As - by Robin Benway

Genre/Topic:  YA, Contemporary, Spies, Espionage, Intrigue, Adventure, High School, Mystery

Reasons to read…

  • Fantastic Female Characters
    • Roux and Maggie are so fun and quirky - you just want to know them in real life and be friends with them! They are both smart, strong, sassy, and make mistakes - making them completely lovable and relatable. I love their banter and the great friendship between the two - it's always nice to see a good, healthy girl friendship in books.
  • Young Love
    • Maggie and Jesse are such a cute couple! Their romance was so sweet, I just loved reading about their first real romance, you really find yourself rooting for them.
  • Family Dynamic
    • Loved seeing the relationship between Maggie and her family. It was a really loving, respectful relationship and it was interesting to see how they worked together and worked through typical growing pains. I also adored Maggie's "surrogate" uncle.
  • Reminiscent of Nancy Drew (to me at least)
    • For me, the book brought me back to reading my Nancy Drew mystery's back in the day - they were fun, interesting and filled with great mysteries. Also Known As gave me that same feeling - a bit of mystery and intrigue and a great female lead with a fun supporting cast.
  • Charming, quick, and engaging adventure with a little bit of everything - love, mystery, friendship…It went so fast and was such a fun read!

           Rating:   4 out of 5 Doxies - Liked it a lot, definitely worth a read!!

What Should I Read Next?, Recommendations:

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  1. Agreed! I liked it a lot, too. It seems like we do well when we read the spy/action books haha