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Chick Lit Review: The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter

The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter

I am a big fan of Contemporary reads whether they are of the YA, Chick Lit, Romance, or Christian variety, sometimes you just need a nice getaway feel good story. This book is a Christian Romance novel, by author Denise Hunter - who I have read novels by before, and I always enjoy. Ms. Hunter's style is a bit different than many Christian authors I have read, her Christian elements are a lot more subtle and tend to be woven in to the story as more of an allegory than an overt message. I know that for some, this makes the story more enjoyable. When I read the summary, it definitely appealed to me, as it hits upon one of those plot-lines I'm always a bit of a sucker for: the arranged/marriage of convenience that becomes something more. I think fans of Denise Hunter's other works, of clean Romances, and of Contemporary Romance type reads will enjoy this one.
Some things I usually find to be an appealing plot device in a romance were present in this novel: the marriage of convenience, a slow building romance, and opposites attracting. I really enjoyed Lucas and his family, especially his siblings and his relationship with them. It was also nice to read a romance that I could recommend to my mom or aunt without worrying about certain scenes.
I found the novel to be one that was easy to read and feel good. I wanted to see what would happen next and how things would work out for Lucas and Kate. It was also a nice switch to see the male character as the one who has developed feelings and is waiting for the woman to realize. The love story was definitely an uphill battle, and it was interesting to see their feelings grow and change- as well as to see how Kate changed.
One thing that I've always enjoyed about Denise Hunter's novels personally is the fact that they are sweet, clean romances. Her novels are Christian, but the message is more subtle and in the subtext instead, which I don't mind. This novel for instance, is a great clean, romance read that follows the story of Lucas and Kate - but is meant to represent the love God has for each of us. I think it's nice when the story is done with subtlety like his one, as it can be easier to recommend to a wider audience and will appeal to those who want a Christian novel and/or just a nice, clean romance read.
Kate was a bit of a hard character to get used to, she was not always very likeable, and I often wanted to shake her. It didn't help that in contrast you have super sweet, caring, and patient Lucas. However, I think given the message of the novel - I understand that Kate's abrasiveness to start is kind of the point. It did make this Denise Hunter novel a bit harder for me to get into than others I've read though.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and though it was not my favorite of Ms. Hunter's works, I still found it a fun way to spend an afternoon. I look forward to reading more by her, and for those that enjoy these same plotlines and romances, I'd say it's definitely worth checking out.


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Rating (for both of the above romances):

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 Tale of Two Doxies

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